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LeVan Manufacturing, Inc. was formed in early 1998 after its founder and president, Leo Vandecoevering, decided it was time to move away from fiberglass manufacturing and into polypropylene manufacturing.

Starting in a very small shop in Albany, Oregon, LeVan Manufacturing, Inc. began building Gator Tanks®   and marketing them in and around the Northwest.  The quality of LeVan Manufacturing's Gator Tanks®   soon became apparent to the men and women experienced in wildland firefighting.  We are proud to announce that our Gator Tanks®   are now in use nationally as well as internationally. 

It is our mission to provide our customers with a high quality, attractive, and user friendly product.  Whether it be Slip-on tanks for wildland or municipal firefighting, anodizing tanks, environmental tanks, or numerous lab related products, all of our products are made as per our customer's specifications and always with the customers wishes in mind.

Profile Update: we have move to Sabetha, Kansas! This move was due in part to the increasing cost of shipping out of the Northwest. As Kansas is in the center of the United States, we are now able to provide lower shipping charges to our customers in all parts of the country. Even though we have moved our facility, we are still manufacturing the much sought after Gator Tank®   and our newest product; the Cat TankTM. For more information and photos of Gator Tanks®   and Cat TanksTM please check out Our Products and Photo Gallery pages of this website.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We look forward to doing business with you.

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